Principles of strategic marketing management

Smart, savvy marketers are in high demand. Overview Your online path to a rich career in marketing.

Principles of strategic marketing management

Programs offered under Marketing Management Department are: Master in International Relations, Diplomacy and Management Master in Public Policy and Management Graduates from The Faculty of Strategic Management are equipped with Human resource development and management skills, marketing management skills, international relations and diplomacy skills, public policy and management skills, managerial skills, creative skills and critical problem solving skills which enable them to manage successfully marketing organisations human resource management development companies and multinational organisations.

Candidates are trained to have unique brain power ready to challenge the status quo, be innovators, merchandisers and wealth creators. Principles of strategic marketing management and completed successfully in The Faculty of Strategic Management welcomes all our new and returning students to its exciting programs.

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It is in keeping with this flame of affection for academic excellence that our qualified and dedicated team of lecturers endeavour to ignite academic passion in our students and aim to develop and produce Africa cadre of men and women who can operate at international standards in business.

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Certificate in Marketing Management Level 5 is designed for people who are currently working and unemployed interested in developing their marketing expertise, students will gain a significant level of knowledge and or expertise of marketing goods or service in various industry levels.

Your online path to a rich career in marketing.

This qualification is designed to impart marketing skills which are useful for successful marketing careers, creation of a thriving business relationship in the interactive task of market research, analysis of consumer behaviour, selling and promotion of services.

Any student beginning studies in the university in the first year of a programme must from the date of the first registration complete this qualification within 1 one year.

Principles of strategic marketing management

This includes a minimum of 20 points from a Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary or Higher or a combination of both or equivalent qualification sprovided that the candidate has passed five subjects including English at Grade D minimum normally in not more than three examination sittings.

OR Mature age entry, provided that a candidate meets the following: Sales representatives Marketing assistant or marketing research assistant Course Outline.The WGU online marketing management bachelor’s degree is a relevant, affordable, and accelerated program for working business professionals.

A marketing executive tasked with this function must adhere to the key principles of marketing management to improve the chances of success for an organization in its chosen marketplace. CLEP Principles of Management 7 Copyright © Peterson's CLEP is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the.

Strategic Customer Management: Integrating Relationship Marketing and CRM [Adrian Payne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Relationship marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) can be jointly utilised to provide a clear roadmap to excellence in customer management: this is the first textbook to demonstrate how it can be done.

Strategic Marketing Management from my perspective is about understanding and applying marketing from the perspective of your main objective: creating customers. Business is about creating value and the sales and marketing aspect of business is to create customers for this value.

Four Principles of Strategic Planning. Al Bessin January 4, others do a fabulous job of marketing and presenting their products to the market. When these skills are exceptional, they provide competitive advantage.

It is too easy for the leader to set the business strategy, have management “agree” as they always do, but then.

What is Agile Marketing?