Hr practice in grameen phone

BusinessHuman Resource Management Topic: The traditional management functions — Planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling — all these are conducted by HR division. The informal structure of HR according to its functions can be classified into three main categories they are:

Hr practice in grameen phone

Grameenphone is also one the largest taxpayers in the country, having contributed nearly BDT crore in direct and indirect taxes to the Government Exchequer over the years.

Of this amount, over BDT crore was paid in alone. Since its inception in Marchgrameenphone has built the largest cellular network in the country with over 10, base stations in more than locations. Presently, nearly 98 percent of the country's population is within the coverage area of the grameenphone network.

Grameenphone was also the first operator to introduce the pre-paid service in September Grameenphone nearly doubled its subscriber base during the initial years while the growth was much faster during the later years.

It ended the inaugural year with 18, customers, 30, by the end of60, in, in, in, in1. From the very beginning, grameenphone placed emphasis on providing good after-sales services.

In recent years, the focus has been to provide aftersales within a short distance from where the customers live. There are now more than GP Service Desks across the country covering nearly all upazillas of 61 districts.


In addition, there are 81 grameenphone Centers in all the divisional cities and they remain open from GP has generated direct and indirect employment for a large number of people over the years. The company presently has more than 5, full, part-time and contractual employees.

Anotherpeople are directly dependent on grameenphone for their livelihood, working for the grameenphone dealers, retailers, scratch card outlets, suppliers, vendors, contractors and others.

In addition, the Village Phone Program, also started inprovides a good income-earning opportunity to more thanmostly women Village Phone operators living in rural areas. The Village Phone Program is a unique initiative to provide universal access to telecommunications service in remote, rural areas.

Administered by Grameen Telecom Corporation, it enables rural people who normally cannot afford to own a telephone to avail the service while providing the VP operators an opportunity to earn a living. HR Policy and PracticeGrameenphone is the pioneer in the field of human resource management, employee care and competence development in Bangladesh.

The employees are spread out in six office zones throughout the country, with Dhaka being the largest with employees. Most of the staff has university backgrounds within fields such as management, marketing, economics, finance and engineering. In the number of expatriates working in the company was close to Today however, there are only five foreigners employed on a regular basis, and another five on time-limited contracts.

The government demands that a ratio of 1: The figures are therefore not only within the government requirement, but significantly so.

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The situation is supposedly a lot different in many of grameenphones competitor companies. The number of resignations peaked in when new operators penetrated the market and offered higher salaries to Grameenphone employees, but this was still relatively low.

One could argue that low turnover rates are a good indicator of a healthy work environment. Source of recruitmentExternal sources: The job of a manager in the workplace is to get things done through employees.

Hr practice in grameen phone

To do this the manager should be able to motivate employees. But that's easier said than done! Motivation practice and theory are difficult subjects, touching on several disciplines.

In spite of enormous research, basic as well as applied, the subject of motivation is not clearly understood and more often than not poorly practiced. To understand motivation one must understand human nature itself.

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And there lies the problem! In grameenphone as we all know that its a government organization so they not give such motivational package which an employee get in private organization.

But without motivation package no employee give their maximum to the organization. Free telephone facility Promotion Transfer Time to time revision of pay scale Central government facility Quarter for leaving Good working environmentEmployee TrainingEmployee training is the planned effort of an organization to help employees learn the job related behaviors and skills they will need to do their job properly.

It is a set of planned activities that the organization will have their employees complete in order to increase their job knowledge and skills and to have them get accustomed to the attitudes and social atmosphere of the company.A Report On HR Practices in GrameenPhone Limited [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] HR Practices in GrameenPhone Limited Prepared For M.

Nazmul Amin Majumder BRAC Business School, BRAC University Prepared By Sabit Rahman Tanim ID: , Sec MBA Program [pic] BRAC University Date of Submission: 20 April LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL 20 April. In this research, we want to know the customer perception, satisfaction of the service quality of GRAMEENPHONE.

GrameenPhone profile: Grameen Phone (GP) started operations in In , GP offered 69,, ordinary shares at BDT 10 (US$. ) each, in addition to a BDT 60 (US$ premium, totaling BDT bn (US$ lSmn) & got Listed on OSE & CSE. HR has opened a leave management database to obtain current leave status of all the employees of Grameen Phone.

It provides employees about their leave status when it is necessary. HR Management also deals with some personnel functions like show cause, .

Human Resources (HR) Department, an important part of Administration Division plays very vital role in the total functioning of Grameen Phone Employee recruitment, selection, transfer, promotion, training, performance appraisal – all these are conducted by HR division. Here is the report on “HR Practices in Grameenphone limited”.

We prepared the report on the basis of the Study on Human Resource planning and personnel policies of Grameenphone limited, a leading telecommunication company in Bangladesh.4/4(4). A pioneer in the Digitalization of HR, he is notable for building stronger stakeholder relationships and driving agility across the organization.

Prior to Grameenphone he held roles of the Head of HR in Citibank N.A, and the CHRO in Airtel Bangladesh, where he led the acquisition and merger with regard to employees with Warid Telecom.

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