How to write application letter for bonafide certificates

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How to write application letter for bonafide certificates

This has been done to streamline the whole process. Also Tata Consultancy Services TCS has been roped in to manage the online application system as well as to manage the data entry process. This is certainly a good news for Indian Passport applicants as it removes all middlemen and agents in the process.

However, in order to visit the PSK, one has to book an appointment online unless your are filling up a tatkal application in which case you can simply walk into the nearest PSK without appointment.

The number of slots at any given PSK are limited and hence they get filled up really quickly as soon as they are open. Here are some of the tips that will help you get your appointment faster.

how to write application letter for bonafide certificates

Make sure you have already created your account on the website http: Once the offline form is filled, you need to generate the upload file and upload the same from your account at passportindia website.

Verify all the details entered in the form and submit the form. Once submission is complete, you will now be able to create an appointment.

how to write application letter for bonafide certificates

At most you can create only 3 applications per account. The link will only be enabled for forms that have been submitted. Partially filled forms will not have this link enabled.

Total number of appointments booked today: The appointment timings for various passport offices are also published on the passport website. Note down the date and time carefully. Visit the website on specified date at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Do not click on the link to see the slots yet.

Wait until the time is exactly 3: You will now see many slots open for one or more days. Do not think twice and simply choose a slot immediately.

The system may become extremely slow during this period since there is heavy visitor traffic on the website. Make sure to access the website from a broadband or high speed Internet line if possible, e.

If for some reason, your booking gets stuck on the final page, open another window without disturbing the stuck window and login into your account again and see if you have an appointment ID.

Sometimes the system is too slow to respond and may have already booked your slot but unable to show you the appointment confirmation.

In such cases opening the account in a new window can help verify if appointment went through. If you are unsuccessful in your attempt, come back again at the date and time mentioned in the error message. Do not try to make bookings for multiple accounts as only one account will be logged in from a single browser.

If you have multiple bookings to be made, make sure to open them on different browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc or use multiple computers.

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Update June 13, If media reports in TOI and other leading newspapers are to be believed then Passport authorities are rolling out two important changes in the application process. Now the system will automatically give an appointment from available slots instead of users logging in at a specific time to book an appointment.

Users will be allowed to change their appointment twice in an year.Application for Grant of IEC Number: An application for grant of IEC Number shall be made by Registered Office, in case of companies and Head Office in case of proprietorship concerns, partnership concerns and HUFs, of applicant, except EOUs and SEZ units, to concerned RA in ANF2A with documentsprescribed therein.

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Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, and Notifications issued thereunder.

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Subject: Application for Bonafide Certificate. Respected Sir, It is stated that I am student of O-Levels/A-Levels in your honored institution.

This is to inform you that I need to open Student Savings Account in (Bank Name) and for this person I am requiring Bonafide Certificate showing my identity as .

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