Homophobia and work place bullying

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Homophobia and work place bullying

It is going to be sent to Catholic schools soon but Mark Lambert has put the pdf on DropBox and made a few comments.

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The document has both superficial and deep problems. Is it actually endorsed by these institutions? I hardly think so. Where does it come from? Who paid for it? No matter, the CES is promoting it, maybe that is all we need to know.

Again, this is a page document on homophobic bullying, which sets out lesson plans for eight minute lessons to be devoted exclusively to this topic.

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What about other forms of bullying? No doubt the CES has policies on all these things but there is no sense of an integrated approach here. How does this fit in with Sex Ed, Religious Studies, or anything else?

It is not even clear what teachers are supposed to deliver these lessons, which make frequent reference to gospel passages, but stray into history, current affairs, and Sex Ed. In some places the reader gets the impression that it would be PE teachers who are most relevant to the issues raised.

Here is a document which aims to do that. So how does it set about it? Homophobia is the fear, dislike or hatred of gay people.

Violence in the schools: Let's work on it together!

Bullying involves excluding, humiliating or threatening people. Therefore homophobic bullying is when someone is excluded, humiliated or threatened because they are or people think they are gay. A US government website on bullying gives us a more complete definition of bullying: Let me say that again.

This has pretty alarming implications. But there are limits. Those guilty of homophobic language and attitudes should not be accepted: This might seem fair enough, if they are bullies, but actually the document does a little sleight of hand here.

Homophobia and work place bullying

It is not bullies who the document tells us need to be challenged, it is people who exhibit homophobic attitudes and use homophobic language. No bullying was taking place. The same is true of a later example.

A father watching TV with his daughter remarks p The celebs on the telly? Although the document gives examples of bullying as well, it is not bullying which is the real target here.

Nor, in fact, is homophobia. As noted, this use of language is, like the use of profanities, regrettable, but what is even more regrettable is the judging and labelling of children, to be followed by their exclusion, humiliation, and threatening, on the basis of their careless use of language.We can all play a part in helping keep children safe from bullying and cyberbullying - whether it's happening at school, at home or online.

It can be really distressing to discover that your child is being bullied. However hard it is, try to stay calm and don't jump to conclusions. Your child may be. The Equality Act legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. It replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single Act, making the law easier to.

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Violence in the schools: Let's work on it together! Violence at school can take various forms such as bullying, cyberbullying, discrimination, homophobia, physical assault, sexual assault, indirect aggression, taxing and criminal acts by street gangs.

Homophobia and work place bullying

The Classroom is an accessible space for teachers to locate a range of resources to make Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans people visible in education. Back to main Face the Facts page. Download in PDF; Download in Word Equality and freedom from discrimination are fundamental human rights that belong to all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or because they are intersex.

Free resources to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in education environments and help create more inclusive spaces This resource offers guidance on setting up a student LGBT group and on involving students in the development of LGBT inclusion work in schools and Gain insight.

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