Destructive nature of typhoon quinta essay

If you look at the climatological data for tropical cyclone, you can find out that the actual shape of a tropical cyclone is almost the same as a whirlpool. How could this amazing phenomenon happen? Tropical cyclones are formed above the What is cyclone 2.

Destructive nature of typhoon quinta essay

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ROSING was quite slow-moving and erratic as it approached the country early morning of October 30 prompting authorities to alert a wide area of the Visayas up to Northern Luzon.

Despite the quick strike, Catanduanes was heavily devastated. Threatening Daet, it moved again slightly west and made landfall by dawn of November 3 at Siruma, Camarines Sur which lies at the mouth of San Miguel Bay. One resident of Caramoan, a nearby town, spoke on what she witnessed during the passage of its eye.

After flattening thousands of houses, trees, electric posts and power lines the howler then crossed Lamon Bay toppling down large coconut groves and more infrastructures and houses of Calauag, Quezon and spawned storm surges in the Quezon coastline as with the rest of the province.

Landslides blocked roads in the mountainous regions of the province.

Destructive nature of typhoon quinta essay

By mid-morning of that day, it started to wreak havoc in Laguna then later Metro Manila as far as Cavite and Bulacan destroying glass windows and panels of high-rise buildings, skyscrapers and other infrastructures.

Metal and steel trusses of buildings, neon billboards and even large flagpoles were twisted, uprooted and destroyed. Dead and bloated bodies of people, cattle and other animals were floating in Calauag Bay after the typhoon with others mangled and decomposing along the seacoast.

Siargao and Nonoc Is. After crossing the southern tip of Leyte later that morning, the typhoon slightly weakened but dumped torriental rains in Camiguin Island and Bohol creating mudslides and flashfloods. With the fury when it hit Surigao earlier it sent more torrential rains.

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Survivors clambered to rooftops and attics of two storey houses while others clung on tall trees for almost two days without food and water.Amazing Nature Photography That Will "Wow' You Clouds are amazing and I can never get enough of the sky. God's handiwork is amazing! If you enjoy arts and crafts an individual will love this website!

Geological Factors That Determine the Destructive Nature of Typhoon Quinta. Geological Factors that contributed to the destructive nature of Typhhon Quinta that hit Iloilo and Capiz last month and measure to address these problems: A Reaction Paper With 52, families (, persons) affected, many Filipinos celebrated their recent holiday.

Hurricanes and Typhoons Warren Turner Earth Science Westwood College Hurricane and Typhoon are some of the most dangerous and deadliest natural disaster that nature created.

Throughout history the world has encountered these disaster numerous times. (Typhoon Watch ) In , Typhoon Basyang at 80 mph is the most destructive typhoon in the Philippines. It affected the provinces of Quezon and Bataan and also hit .

When floods develop, the places in which they do so are called water sheds. These water sheds can be either man made or they can be natural.

A watershed is defined as an area that is between a land mass and a water source. The destructive side of the rainy season has been felt in some parts.

In Maguindanao, 67 farm animals drowned after floods hit the town of Sultan Masura. Classes were also suspended in parts of.

10 Most Destructive Typhoons in the Philippines