An examination of mexicos political system which is not in favor of accountability

Responsibility What flaws do conservative Chinese thinkers see in Western democracy compared with their own system? Pan Wei, a conservative scholar at Beijing University, takes a dim view of the supposed advantages of democratic innovation and political pluralism — and he will not hesitate to tell you so. Pan says that those who favor the spread of democracy at local levels in China are mainly interested in legitimizing the wealth they have already stolen. He also believes that the majority principle is an illegitimate principle.

An examination of mexicos political system which is not in favor of accountability

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Be among the first to hear about any new e-book releases by subscribing to our Watchdog email newsletter. Through interviews with homeowners, first responders, politicians, evacuees, and ordinary citizens, the team explored the storm from every angle, including health care, social services, housing and insurance, and emergency preparedness.

How much do you know about the political agendas of the giant broadcasting, cable TV, and telephone companies that you rely on for news and information? To find the answers to these questions and more, read this in-depth resource about the broadcasting and telecommunications industries.

Many of the 25 contributing journalists have been threatened, jailed, and in some cases had their offices firebombed. All have spent years fearlessly uncovering government and corporate scandal in their home countries. The book reveals how local prosecutors in jurisdictions across the nation have stretched, bent, or broken rules to win convictions.

An examination of mexicos political system which is not in favor of accountability

It is painful but essential reading. Many of these prosecutors were cited multiple times for their misconduct. These prosecutors give recidivism — a word usually used to describe those they work to put behind bars — a disturbing new meaning. The Buying of the President Lewis and his team reveal and investigate the sponsors and the known and not-so-known conflicts of interest entangling each of the aspirants to the White House.

How a Few Powerful Companies Are Privatizing Your Water The privatization of public water systems around the world, driven by a handful of European corporations and the World Bank, is increasing dramatically despite sometimes tragic results.

The Business of War Amid the global military downsizing and the growth of small conflicts since the end of the Cold War, governments have turned increasingly to private military companies to intervene on their behalf around the globe.

These companies have operated in countries worldwide. They provide everything from military training to logistics, and even engage in armed combat — and they have virtually no public oversight. How Private Interests Govern Our States A scourge of legalized corruption is spreading through state capitols across the country.

With little fear of exposure, vested interests have turned one statehouse after another into private preserves for their agendas, imperiling our health and safety, our wallets, our environment, and our rights as citizens in the process.

The Cheating of America: How to Investigate and Right Wrongs in Your Community Published by Common Courage Press, this book is a hands-on, practical guide to being an effective muckraker, detailing methods used by investigative reporters to uncover and address the ethical lapses of corporate and government groups that affect even small communities.

The Buying of the President Twenty-four researchers, writers, and editors worked for 18 months to page through tens of thousands of federal and state records, thousands of news articles, and hundreds of interviews to create this definitive book.

The Buying of the Congress: What does all this have to do with you? You cannot shop at the local supermarket or drugstore, visit a hospital emergency room, watch television, pay your taxes, or even breathe the air outside your home without being directly affected by the decisions that Congress makes — decisions that, increasingly, favor special interests at your expense.

Now, Charles Lewis and the Center for Public Integrity reveal just how and why Congress has been so unresponsive to the basic concerns of ordinary citizens. Based on the work of an investigative team of more than three dozen people, the conclusions they reach are simple — and simply frightening. Dockery shows the great consideration given by members of Congress on what it means to seek power, to exercise it or attempt toand finally to lose it or give it up.In a recently released report, Tucker argues for an overhaul of the country’s public school accountability system.

Teachers, he argues, cannot be held accountable in a system that has. New this year were about half a dozen resolutions about the revolving door between industry and government, from the AFL-CIO, but key coordinators remain the Center for Political Accountability (elections) and AFSCME, with Walden Asset Management (lobbying).

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The type of electoral system is a major factor in determining the type of political party system. In countries that have a proportional representation voting system, three or more parties are often elected to parliament in significant proportions, and thus may have more access to public office.

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